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ONE TIME OFFER: The Opera Singer’s Vocal Prowess Warm-Up Playlist Collection: Included Soprano, Mezzo, Contralto, Counter Tenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass Vocal Warm Up and Education Playlists to expand your vocal warm up repertoire and keep Decision Fatigue from derailing your practice before it even starts!

Here's What You'll Get:
  • The Singer's Guide to the Voice Mining System (Total Value = $638)
  • The Voice Mining Journal with 15 Voice Lesson Maps ($150 Value)
  • Weekly Lessons offering guidance and suggestions for how to meet the Inner and Outer Critic ($249 Value)
  •  'Battle-Tested' Song Practice Checklists to Practice Like The Pros ($39)
  • Vocal Practice Planning Guide ($59) 
  •  BONUS: The Practice Secrets Revealed eBook: Five Readings From The Master Singers ($47)
  •  BONUS: The Breathing Secrets Revealed eBook: Five Readings From The Master Singers ($47)
  •  BONUS: The Vocal Stiffness Decoded eBook: Four Readings From The Master Singers ($47)
It is believed that you can hold between five and nine items in your short-term memory, and they will stay there for just 20 to 30 seconds. Those memories that don't get stored in the long-term memory are ultimately just forgotten, making relying on memory alone very dangerous.
An estimated 65 percent of the population is categorized as visual learners, who "need to see what they are learning." And as we retain only about one-fifth of what we hear, visual assistance can improve learning by up to 400 percent. Singers should try keeping a visual record of their voice lessons, writing out the exercises, and keeping this all in one place.

Your Money-Back Guarantee

If you implement EVERYTHING I show you, and don't see a change in your voice, I'll refund you the price of the entire system. That's how confident I am!

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