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"If You Aren’t Listening To Your Lessons, 
you’re only getting HALF 
of what you PAID FOR!"
Do you sit at the piano and stare at your music without knowing what to practice?

Are you starting to dread your voice lesson each week because progress just... eludes you?

Do you feel like you aren't having the intellectual conversations you wanted to be having at this point in your career?
Does Music Education Set Singers Up To Fail?
Let's face it, singers have been at a disadvantage from the start. Young musicians all enter the world of music the same, regardless of instrument. Somewhere along the way, singers fall behind. It's easy to see why.
When young musicians are starting lessons on their instruments, their teachers are teaching them to count out loud or in their heads. Since young musicians starting singing lessons begin with song, not vocaleses, they never have a chance to internalize their sense of rhythm. To make it worse, so many teachers will scold a singer for keeping time in their body.

When a pianist is having a bad day, the problem is the piano or the room or their hands aren't cooperating. When a violinist doesn't sound their best, it's the humidity or the strings or an issue with the rosin. But when a singer can't make their instrument work the way they want it to, what (or who) do we blame? No one says, "Your instrument sounds tired." They say, "You sound tired." It's not the pitch that is flat, it's you who is flat. When the instrument is YOU, the language of critique can sting more than it is meant to, and can lead singers to understandably shy away from the hard work that others feel less vulnerable leaning into.

Frankly, young singers are push-overs for predatory pianists, teachers, and directors looking to make some easy money. Predicting that singers will walk into a rehearsal knowing only their part, and maybe not very well, some will find a way to suggest the singer should "really come work" with them... for a price! Throw in some compliments and the mention of casting in their upcoming production and BOOM! Singers are turned into walking ATMs for anyone who knows how to feed their fears while stroking their egos. 

Of course, some singers are very successful, right? So how did they do it?
Plenty of talented people have had long careers as opera singers, so why not you?

At least some singers walk into the audition and blow the judging panel away, so why not you?

Singers are met with so many crazy demands, in the rehearsal hall and onstage, but some singers always seem to rise to the challenge and deliver... 

...so why not you?
Audition Gone Wrong...
Have you ever been vulnerable in an audition and witnessed the music director visibly enjoy your failure?
I was a young voice student in college, and was taking a music history class taught by the director of the Baroque Ensemble. After one of their concerts, which I loved, I mentioned to the professor during class how much I thought of her group and that I thought it would be amazing if there were a few vocal pieces on the program. She didn’t seem thrilled with the idea but agreed to let me audition the next day anyway and told me to prepare something in the style.

The next day, I met her for my voice audition for the Baroque Ensemble at the choir room and I was so excited. When I walked in, the lights were off except for a source of light by the piano. When I went to turn on the light, she said she had a headache and to leave them off. Fine, I can sing in the dark. I ripped through my aria and felt amazing! Then she handed me the piece of paper she had been hiding, played a pitch, and asked me to sight sing the melody. Now, I am a pretty good sight singer, but reading in the dark was hard and she seemed impatient. She kept giving me my pitch and sighing while I was squinting in the darkness to figure out my mistakes and sing it better. After about a minute, she walked over, took the paper out of my hand and smiled. “This is why we don’t let singers in the ensemble,” she said. And she walked out, leaving me in the dark choir room, alone.

I understood this to mean that I had NOT passed my audition for admittance into the Baroque Ensemble. I felt so ashamed. I worked so hard to be good at what I do and I loved my instrumental colleagues. I wondered, if so many instrumental directors think so little of singers, maybe there is a reason...?
Kathryn Parsley
Hi! I'm Dr. Kathryn Parsley!

I have my BM, MM, and DMA in Vocal Performance. I love Baroque ornamentation, the audacity of Mozartian appoggiatura, Verismo Opera, and working with living composers on modern works!

In junior high I began taking theater and drama classes and by the time I entered high school, I found I enjoyed competitive acting. The competitive speech and interpretation events of Speech and Debate let me hone my skills by working with coaches, actors, directors, and teachers from around the country. When I began attending months-long summer camps, I was immersed in a new world of creative technique and solo-practice technique. 

With that in mind, if you have competitive acting, speech & debate, or public speaking coaching experience, you may find that you recognize some of what you will find in my Voice Lesson Mining System.

If not, get ready for a whole new thought process and methodology for self-analysis and creativity! 
How Would You Feel If You Could Blast Through Your Songs With The Confidence And Authority Of Your Favorite Opera Diva?
Don't worry! I've had plenty of successful auditions after that, including one where I was dragged backstage after a show, asked to sing by the director, and put in the show the very next weekend... WITH PAY!

But that only happened for me because I hated feeling the way I felt, standing alone in that dark choir room, knowing that I didn't measure up to my instrumental colleagues... yet. I have spent YEARS researching how instrumentalists practice, how singers practice, how athletes practice, how public speakers and lawyers practice, and how medical students practice. Each depend on the ability to recall and repeat an action perfectly and each has their own methodology of putting that practice into practice

What I created for myself was so efficient! I was memorizing songs accurately and easier than ever before! I was making faster progress in my voice lessons than I ever thought possible. And I was really beginning to hear what my teacher was asking me to listen for.  My teacher was so pleased with how I was sounding and for the first time, I loved how I sounded too. The results of changing how I practiced were astronomical! 

The craziest part??? I was spending less time in the practice room than I was before! Everyone wanted to know how I had done it. What was my secret?
Amazingly, the principles were so simple that when I started introducing this to my students, their progress blew all their colleagues right out of the water... Along with my fellow voice teachers!
Take control Now With....
The Singer's Guide to Voice Lesson Mining System!
This one-of-a-kind listening journal helps you
focus on the aspects you need to hear and walks you through the fear and anxiety of listening to your own lesson recordings... 
...in as little time as it takes you to listen to your own lesson!
But it's not just a practice journal! It is so much more...
The Voice Lesson Journal 
This voice lesson organization and tracking system is your key to mining your own recordings like a professional so you can explode your musical growth without even having to make a sound.
  • This is your key to learning to appreciate the sound of your own voice and making the progress you know you deserve!
  • ​Develop your ear to hear and critique yourself like an expert coach.
  • Learn how to prioritize and plan your practice time efficiently... so you can spend more time doing what you love!
This Voice Lesson Journal has room to record 15 different recorded lessons. Enough for a full semester!
Voice Lesson Mining Worksheets
Be honest. Do you listen to your voice lesson recordings? 
Why not? I don't mean to make you feel bad but in the loving words of a dear friend, "If you think your own voice is so bad that you won't even listen to yourself, then why are you subjecting the rest of us to it?"

Look, I get it. Hearing yourself recorded is weird! These worksheets are designed to hone your focus toward what is important and to help calm your anxious ear. Soon you will learn how to hear the true beauty in your voice that the rest of us get to hear. Yes, even at whatever stage you are, novice to seasoned professional.
Vocal Practice Planning Guides
How does your practice time usually start? 
The usual warm-ups? Singing through songs and trying to remember what your teacher said about them? Vaguely recalling a recommendation they had for that tricky bit...?

The Practice Planning Guide that accompanies each set of Mining Worksheets will help you:
  • Pre-plan your practice times,
  • Learn different practice techniques, and 
  • Streamline the music learning process.
And because I love you so much, I am going to throw in tons of extra bonuses to help you to build your practice studio you need to be your best musician... at home!
Super Cool Bonus #1
Practice Secrets Revealed
Five Readings From The Master Singers

The first installation of the series, Practice Secrets Revealed compiles the commentary and writings from some of the greatest singers and master teachers in song culture history. Singing has been passed on for centuries as an oral/aural tradition, meaning with vocal interaction between one person and others. 

Even so, some students are still shocked to find that their voice teacher is still saying the exact same thing as singing teachers from a century ago. Get this compilation of writings on this amazing tradition FREE today when you grab your copy of the Voice Lesson Mining System!
Super Cool Bonus #2
Breathing Secrets Revealed
Five Readings From The Master Singers

Can you track your musical lineage? Do you know your teacher's teacher's teacher's name? Is it because your teacher drops it all the time like you should know who the Hayden that is? Likely some of their pedagogy is a mish-mash of that which belonged to the great vocal pedagogs throughout history. Wouldn't it be nice if someone compiled all of those great pedagog's words and advice, by category, and published them so singers could read all that advice for themselves and not wait for a teacher to decide to pass it down to them?  

The second installation of the series, Breathing Secrets Revealed compiles the commentary and writings from some of the greatest singers and master teachers in song culture history. 
Super Cool Bonus #3
Vocal Stiffness Decoded
Four Readings From The Master Singers

The third installation of the series, Vocal Stiffness Decoded compiles the commentary and writings from some of the greatest singers and master teachers in music history. As long as masterful singing has existed, the discussion about vocal health and unique problems to the singer was been going as well. Along with topics like Breathing, Diction, Tone, and the Larynx, Vocal Stiffness has been a hot topic with much published on the subject. Sadly, this is a topic that is often overlooked by singing teachers, leaving their students to figure it out for themselves. Don't wait! Get your copy of Vocal Stiffness Decoded TODAY!
This Amazing, Voice Lesson Mining System, Worksheets, Planners, Checklists, and ALL the BONUSES is your rock solid plan to jumpstart your vocal practice time!
Grab Your Copy Of "the Singer's Voice Lesson Mining System" Today!
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