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The Voice Mining Journal - The Classical Singer's Guide To Writing The Book On Your Own Voice
$50 Gift Certificate to ClassicalVocalRep.com - To help start your semester off right, when it comes to scores makes sure you #GetItFromGlendower at Classical Vocal Reprints.
The Practice Secrets Revealed Book - Practice: one of the topics modern singers may find skipped when it comes to their music education. This first installment compiles the commentary and writings from some of the greatest singers and master teachers in song culture history on their view of practice for singers.
The Breathing Secrets Revealed Book - Breath, the power behind the voice, is one of the most most parroted and misunderstood topics for singers and has shaped our pedagogy for centuries. Stop playing telephone, here is compiled some of the most often quoted masters of song on their understanding of the breath.
The Vocal Stiffness Decoded Book - Don't let what your voice teacher never talks about keep you in the dark and possibly cause you harm. Vocal stiffness is difficult to decipher and even harder to describe. Vocal masters tackle this stiff topic in this compilation.
Aria Prep with MuseScore Video Course - The answer for what to do to prepare a song or aria when you have to DIY your pianist, coach, teacher, technician, practice room, and piano. I was using this system to prepare roles long before socially distant rehearsing. This system is perfectly suited to make sure you are the most technically prepared singer in the room, every time. Includes the Sheet Music Starter Pack.


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